I do not like driving on the bus. Which tour is the most suitable for me?

The tours in Italy. The distances between our locations on these tours are the shortest, therefore we spend the least time on the bus.

Are your tours suitable only for English speakers?

Yes, for now our tours are suitable for English speakers.

Will you post our photos?

No, we respect your privacy, so we do not publish photos with our guests on them.

Do we change hotels every night?

No, we often stay in the same hotel for more than one night.

Can I cancel hotel breakfast?

Some hotels have breakfast included in room price, so in these hotels there is not much we can do. In some hotels the breakfast is optional and can be canceled if you wish so. In that case, your tour price is a little bit lower.

Do I still pay for the ticket to the museum, if I skip the visit?

No, you will get the worth of the tickets back after the tour is over.